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C. Eade

The Field

Livello A1

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Green Line:
Per creare una maggiore consapevolezza delle risorse e delle fragilità del nostro pianeta.

Where is your favorite place to go after school?
Tara and her friends go to the field behind Redwood High School.
But one day they discover that the area is going to be destroyed.
They are very worried, so they decide to form a club to save their field. And the adventures begin!
Who is the mystery man in the forest?
What does Herman discover near the old cabin? And will Tara and her friends succeed in saving The Field?

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  • PP. 64
  • € 8,30
  • ISBN 978-88-416-4300-6

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  • PP. 64
  • € 6,80
  • ISBN 978-88-6706-211-9

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