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P. Guglielminetti - F. Beardsley

Sos: save our sea!

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Katie and Ben live with their family on a small island in Scotland. Their father and their grandfather are responsible fishermen that love and respect the sea. One day, Ben hears about a fishing boat that fishes illegally in a protected area. He is worried, so he speaks about the matter with his friend Sarah, who decides to intervene. Their sea is under threat! When Sarah, Ben and Katie try to understand what is happening, they live a bad adventure in the open sea, but, at the same time, they save a precious life. This exciting ecological story teaches a lot: everybody can draw a moral from it.


Sos: Save our sea!

  • € 6,80
  • ISBN 978-88-6706-182-2
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  • PP. 64
  • € 8,30
  • ISBN 978-88-416-4336-5

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Sos: save our sea!

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